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Your recovery from ongoing symptoms caused by COVID-19 can be a long and isolating journey.

Your symptoms can prevent you from enjoying your previous quality of life

Friends and family may not understand what you’re going through

Healthcare providers don’t have many definitive answers

Navigating these challenges can be overwhelming, especially when you can hardly get off the couch or remember where you left your keys.

Hope is here

There is no need to pursue your recovery journey alone.

Membership in the Post-COVID Support Community brings you a:


Sense of control over what’s happening to you


Supportive environment to learn from others


Structured path to recovery

You’re invited to join this private community hosted by a fellow long hauler.

Everything here is designed to help you overcome recovery hurdles and learn to lead a more productive life while you get well.

Community Feedback


Self-Management E-course

An easy-to-follow introduction to life with Post-COVID. The course helps you implement a self-management plan and set reasonable expectations for your recovery.

Group Support Circles

Moderated by trained health professionals, these small group video calls provide a relaxed setting to connect with other members and share your long-hauler experiences.

Specialized Training Classes

Hosted by specialized health practitioners, our live training classes take place throughout the week and teach exercises to help you manage your symptoms.

A Light at the End of The Tunnel

Your community membership provides what you need to progress your healing.


The structured support will help you feel healthier, faster.


Connect with others who understand what you’re going through.


Save time sifting through a sea of information with expert guidance.

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Global patient network

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Do you feel like no one believes you?

One of the biggest challenges for Post-COVID sufferers is the sense that you aren’t being heard.

Our self-assessment was designed by specialized Post-COVID healthcare providers to help guide your conversation with your own practitioner.