About RT Medical

Throughout the world today, patients have a dire need to connect with qualified caregivers. At RT Medical, we believe online patient communities can play an important part of the solution.

For those suffering from Post-COVID Syndrome, our Post-COVID Support Community, which is led by medical professionals who have experienced Post-COVID firsthand, is a trustworthy place to turn when other healthcare channels can’t answer your questions.

The Community offers a safe place to be heard and helped. It provides secure online access to specialized healthcare providers and other Post-COVID patients who are compassionate and knowledgeable.


With the majority of people having been infected with COVID, it’s estimated that as many as 30% of them may also be affected by Post-COVID, also known as Long COVID. The symptoms are broad-ranging and, in some cases, debilitating.

Public healthcare systems struggle to keep up with the need for specialized care and patients are left with nowhere to turn for help. RT Medical has built an interdisciplinary network of leading Post-COVID specialists who can support patients in their recovery via our community platform.

If you’re a COVID Long Hauler suffering from your condition, we invite you to take charge of your recovery journey by joining the Post-COVID Support Community today.

Our Team

RT Medical is run by a specialized team of healthcare professionals, medical advisors, and operational managers. No matter our individual backgrounds, we share the common goals of putting patients first and focusing on exceptional customer service.