Additional Resources

 General Information


Government of Canada

The government of Canada website provides a wealth of trustworthy and up-to-date information regarding the status of COVID-19 across Canada. If you’re looking to learn more about public health protocols, testing or symptoms, the government website is an excellent place to start.

Stay up to date on the status of COVID-19 with the government of Canada’s publicly available data on vaccinations, infections and deaths. The data is updated provincially, territorially and nationally every day.


Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC is America’s leading disease prevention agency. Science-based and data-driven, the CDC is a non-profit organization that works to protect public health.

The CDC offers everything from information on exposure risk and symptom management to publicly available data on American case and death demographic trends, vaccination distribution. vaccination coverage, vaccination effectiveness and breakthrough surveillance.


World Health Organization (WHO)

Run by the United Nations with members from 194 states, the WHO is the largest global public health agency and works collaboratively to “connect nations, partners and people to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable”.

If you’re looking to be updated on the latest international research on Post-COVID or are interested in COVID-19 global health estimates and care models, the WHO’s website offers a comprehensive collection of material.


COVID-19 Canada by Esri Canada

Esri Canada provides a collection of creative maps for tracking the spread of COVID-19 across Canada. With heat maps, region-specific maps and even “poop maps”, Esri Canada depicts data in a fun and accessible way from a variety of different sources, including but not limited to the Community Map of Canada, the Living Atlas and Environics Analytics.

Esri Canada’s maps are great for both learning and teaching about the spread of COVID-19.


Long COVID Canada

If you’re suffering from Post-COVID, located in Canada, and looking for support, Long COVID Canada might be able to help. Their website offers a collection of resources for those living with this chronic illness. You don’t need to suffer alone.



Canadian Institutes for Health Research

The CIHR is Canada’s nationally funded health research agency. Working with 13 health institutes as well as partners and medical professionals from across Canada, the CIHR provides research that impacts the health services of Canadians daily.


The Canadian COVID-19 Prospective Cohort Study (CANCOV)

CANCOV is an ongoing study looking at the outcomes of COVID-19 patients from early diagnosis to two years post diagnosis. The study is run by two Toronto-based medical researchers and will further improve our understanding of the effects of COVID-19 both in the short-term as well as the long-term.

The study is currently at recruitment capacity. However, if you’re looking to follow the outcomes of CANCOV’s study, follow the link below.


University of Calgary COVID Corner

If you’re a healthcare provider looking to stay updated on the emerging COVID-19 trends, the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine offers a COVID-19 webinar addressing the most recent information and medical direction coming from medical organizations within Alberta.

There’s a webinar every couple of months, so if you missed the last one, not to worry! All webinars are recorded and shared alongside accompanying PowerPoints and are accessible to the public on the University of Calgary’s COVID Corner website shared below



COVID Long-Haulers Canada

You don’t need to struggle with Post-COVID alone. COVID Long-Haulers Canada offers a support group and collection of resources for Canadians suffering from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Research has shown that community care can have a positive impact on patients struggling with chronic illness. If you’re looking for support, COVID Long-Haulers Canada’s Facebook support group is the largest in Canada. You might find people who are able to empathize with your experience.


Long COVID Alliance

Long COVID Alliance is an American network of medical professionals and patient advocates who’ve joined together to impact policy decisions and accelerate research on the Post-COVID condition.

If you’re located in America and looking to be put in contact with medical resources, mental health support, or a local support group, Long COVID Alliance can help.


Survivor Corps

Survivor Corps is an American grassroots movement that provides one of the most active and thorough data sets in the world. They also offer a Facebook support group that connects those suffering from Post-COVID with the medical resources they need.

If you’re interested in taking part in research, Survivor Corps has a collection of active scientific studies that are currently seeking participants.


The Survivor Diaries Project

Survivor Diaries is a New York-based journalism project run by producer and photographer Morgana and Jaco, respectively. The project has interviewed and photographed over 140 COVID-19 survivors and this year launched a docuseries following COVID-19 survivors as well as answering some of the most pressing questions relevant to those struggling with Post-COVID symptoms.


Body Politic

In 2018, Body Politic started as a queer feminist wellness collective. In the following four years, the community grew to be a global network of COVID-19 patients and chronic illness advocates and allies.

Their Body Politic Covid-19 Support Group has over 10, 000 members from over 30 countries and offers a private Slack group with channels catered to medical professionals, parents of children with Post-COVID as well as LGBTQ+ and BIPOC individuals.

They also offer events and an online publication called Body Type.


Long COVID Physio

Long COVID Physio is an international association of physiotherapists working internationally in COVID-19 patient advocacy, research and policy development.

They offer information sheets in almost 60 languages that cover Post-COVID symptoms, rehabilitation, breathing exercises, post-exertional fatigue management and more.


Dysautonomia International (under Patient Advocacy Resources)

Dysautonomia is a cluster of conditions that impact the Autonomic Nervous System and are sometimes common in those suffering from Post-COVID. Dysautonomia International offers a support group and a curated list of doctors who specialize in treating Dysautonomia.

If you’re looking for information on symptom management, such as the treatment of orthostatic intolerance (negative symptoms triggered by an upright posture), medical accommodations or exercise tips, Dysautonomia International’s Patient Advocacy Resources page is a great place to start.