Post-COVID Information for Family & Friends

A free mini-course to learn about Post-COVID and how to better support
your family & friends during their recovery journey.

Lesson 1:
Intro to Post-COVID
Lesson 2:
Symptoms Overview
Lesson 3:
How to Support Long COVID Sufferers

Welcome to the Post-COVID Information for Family & Friends mini-course. This first lesson provides a brief introduction to Long COVID.

In this lesson, we go over some of the many symptoms a Post-COVID sufferer may be experiencing. You'll learn about the most common Long COVID symptoms and the challenges long-haulers are facing.

In this lesson, you'll learn about the different ways you can support someone throughout their Post-COVID recovery journey. This is the final lesson in Post-COVID Information for Family & Friends.

Meet Ash Dobbin-Mohammed


Ash Dobbin-Mohammed

Medical Director & Nurse Practitioner

Ash is an Adult Nurse Practitioner registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario. She graduated with a Master of Nursing from the University of Toronto in 2017, where she has since been an Adjunct Lecturer.

Expertise includes:
Her previous 14-year clinical background includes critical care, cardiology/cardiac surgery, oncology, urgent care, and telemedicine.

Ash has a unique understanding of Long COVID as both the patient and the provider, after developing Long COVID following two COVID-19 infections. Due to this experience, Ash is passionate about ensuring people with Long COVID receive the work-up and supportive care they need to cope with the debilitating nature of this condition. While there is no current cure for Long COVID, Ash’s goal is to improve her patients’ quality of life. Ash is based out of Toronto, Ontario and while most of her hobbies before Long COVID were activity-based, Ash now enjoys abstract art, music, and spending time with her dogs.